Business Round

Business Round

Search of Partners between participants and opportunities for collaboration

Mar/7/2013 (Thursday)       For companies only. 

Location: Clube Recreativo Chapecoense CRC.


           Industry representatives from Emilia-Romagna (Agribusiness, agriculture machinery): Sofia Miceli and Carla Cavalini.

           Industry representatives from Córdoba (Agribusiness, agriculture machinery, biotechnology): Hugo Dellavedova, Victoria Rosati, Mario Buteler, Viviana Arias and Roger Homar Illanes.

           Industry representative from Medellín: Santiago Etchavarría Escobar.

           Representative from Paraguay: Rodney Dávalos Benitez.


Time: 9:30 am – 1 pm

a)                  Elevator Speech from local companies (Metodology/Support by SEBRAE/SC);

b)                  Business environment in Santa Catarina;

c)                 Business environment in Emilia-Romagna;

d)                 Business opportunities from Cordoba and outline about incentives and business environment;

e)                  Business environment in Antioquia (Colombia);

f)                  Business environment in Paraguay.


The following will be an individual or group discussion about specific opportunities and/or match-making.