RIS 2013 (English)


 RIS 2013 International Workshop in Regional Innovation Systems

The City of Chapecó (Santa Catarina) will host the first important event on innovation in Brazil.  A   unique opportunity for sharing and meeting companies and experts in regional innovation systems, with the presence of experts and visitors from 4 countries: Argentina, Colombia, Italy and Brazil.

Location: Clube Recreativo Chapecoence CRC, city of Chapecó (SC) – Brazil.

Date: 5-6/Mar/2013

Special program for food and biotech companies (Business Meeting) in 7/Mar/2013.

Languages of the speeches (simultaneous translation): Portuguese, English and Spanish. 

Investment: there is no cost to attend the event.


 4 Regions, 2 Continents, 1 Goal

Latest deployments on the development of regional innovation systems for SMEs: best practices, policies, strategies and courses of action


What to See

Best practices, pitfalls and the future of our regions in promoting innovation at all levels.  Come to see, listen and discuss how 2 continents (Europe and South America) and 3 regions (Emilia-Romagna - Italy, Cordoba - Argentina and Santa Catarina - Brazil) are leveraging innovation.  A statement from the system actors (companies, universities and other institutions).  We will also hear a statement from Medellín (Colombia) describing how it has advanced the development of its regional innovation system.

 Special Interest to Companies

The event is a great opportunity for learning and knowledge sharing. However, we have made an agenda that will also promote business interactions between local and abroad companies, thus making it appealing for all companies to attend the event.

On the final part of the event, we will hold a discussion with companies in key segments (agribusiness, agriculture machinery, biotechnology) where we will also have the chance to connect and develop further collaboration intra-companies, including business opportunities at all levels.  After the event (7/Mar), the companies representatives from the invited countries (Italy, Argentina and Colombia) will have separate meetings with interested parties in promoting businesses.

 What to Expect

A practical, down-to-earth, humble discussion with companies (mostly SMEs), institutions, government officers and scholars outlining experiences and exchanging ideas regarding the development of innovation in our regions. 

In only 2 days, the workshop has a format to promote right to the point short presentations and discussions, from an eclectic set of people and institutions to a selected audience.  Presentations ranging from 20 to 45 minutes and room for straightforward questions (5 min.).

 Sectors of Special Interest

Special focus will be given to the agribusiness and biotechnology sector, as well as the reality of translating actions and policies from European regions to the South-American reality.

 What next?

The workshop is the final result of a cooperation project between these 4 regions for the development of strategies and policies for regional innovation systems.  However, other actions will continue to be deployed and some of them will be announced during the workshop. For instance, a plan from Santa Catarina government to increase the collaboration and participation of industries and universities in joint projects with European players.

The organizers are also enabling the attendants to nurture their own collaboration, thus making it possible to other projects and processes to be deployed in the aftermath.